Living an Aesthetic Lifestyle

People are continually in a state of creating. Thought instigates actions, action is the perpetual mode of the human being. Creating can be anything from the mere change in the atmosphere to a newly materialized invention. Creating is constant. We create neural pathways when we think. We create artistic design when we paint, imagine industry, or pick out furniture for the front room. Creating is an art itself.

Making hundreds of little decisions a day under the influences of personal preferences is creating. The varieties of small businesses, food choice, music, poetry, clothing, art, hobbies are all in diverse abundance because of preferences. Through these preferences, we examine the aesthetics of our lifestyles. Aesthetics can relate to whatever subject is deemed worthy of being examined of having aesthetic value. This includes the human being, in ability, in potential, in the process of creating. 

Creating is constant and so change is constant. The characteristics of people are always changing metaphorically in texture, depth, and shades of color. We are aesthetic creatures. Our habits hold aesthetic value and are worthy of observation through an artistic paradigm. If we can read, people watch, watch endless hours of other people’s lives, we are naturally engaged in the journey of a matter. It is too often that aesthetic value is measured in a final creation rather than in the story.  

If the process of thinking and doing has aesthetic value, then our daily task have value. If what I do is measured by its aesthetic impact on my thinking and interaction with my environment, then I automatically place more care into creating habits of my choosing. If our habits have an aesthetic cause, then imagine what our creations would look like. These creations are in the everyday tasks, being progressive in the moment is to consider ourselves as an artistic design.


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