Making it Right

When someone complains about us, we often become hurt instead of thinking about how we have hurt others. We can take it personal, lash out, believe lies, get defensive before any understanding comes to the surface. Understanding builds relationships. If we want enriching, healthy relationships we make smart efforts to resolve differences, but of course … Continue reading Making it Right

End Political Civil War, or Not?

There is a civil political war over American values and policies. Issues about climate change, immigration, human rights, gun control, taxes, health care, and education have all been areas where compromise and collaboration get thrown out the window. Where does this leave the American people? Nowhere, in-between, without leadership. It's disconcerting that our country can't … Continue reading End Political Civil War, or Not?

Capitalism with Some Socialist Values

Capitalism with some socialist values is collaborative and smart. America is not in danger of losing our keen sense for individual rights. It is in danger of continually being one of the most ill equipped nations concerning health care, education, and renewable energy. Everyone is responsible to contribute, everyone is expected to pay taxes, then … Continue reading Capitalism with Some Socialist Values