Education Overhaul

Why have we not had an education overhaul in this nation! We are far behind the times and suffering. With teachers not being paid enough or aided with enough resources, kids overwhelmed with homework, but not learning as much, with student debt suffocating the young person’s ability to get ahead. Where are we? Who are we? Education is the most important establishment in a culture, and yet our systems are inadequate. They are inadequate because too many children are not reaching their potential.

Education is an enjoyable, priceless resource and we can teach our children the same. Giving them a voice, an opinion, the chance to problem solve and think critically in their elementary years is a missed opportunity.  There are so many examples of conducting education in alternative methods than those from traditional classroom lectures. If we compare college structured classes to that of elementary and high school classes, I can’t understand why younger children don’t receive the same creative innovative challenges in ways of learning as students experience in higher education. 

Interactive, value building education can be performed on all levels of schooling, non bias material and un-perverted history, integrated learning styles and topics, along with exercise and breaks, interactions ought to be some sort of value when learning of a topic, not just memorizing a topic. There are new studies, more knowledge, more technology available for us to invest into education and make each day a powerful learning experience. Our school systems ought to be based on cutting edge opportunities with value being placed on inspiring and creating a learning environment for the minds that are growing and will be leading our future. Giving kids what they need to learn well, is about quality and performance by implementing a healthier schooling lifestyle.

It is obvious that America undervalues education, no matter the rhetoric. The lack of funding, focus, and care to lift our education systems out of the methodical and mundane is evident when we compare stats, when we look at surveys, when we talk to professors, mothers. fathers, teachers, children. We must prioritize education if we want to grow healthier as a nation. We must be brave and change the rules, make new rules. Create better opportunities and experiences based around education. Do what is best for the generations now and to come. We can’t be held back by the immensity of the problem. Problems are never as big as they seem. It would be easier than we think to restructure classroom learning. Easier than we think to implement, that is if we the many, are able to inspire the minds of a few. Good Luck Everyone.

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