Education Overhaul

Why have we not had an education overhaul in this nation! We are far behind the times and suffering. Anyone can look up the statistics, we’re at the bottom. With teachers not being paid enough, lack of resources, kids overwhelmed with schoolwork, but learning less, with student debt and absurd interest rates suffocating the young, action is past due. There is a debt we owe to our future, a debt we owe now, we need to pay it, do it, create a better education system in every area of our nation, in every neighborhood- a real overhaul!

We have demonstrated that education is not a priority for America. There is not equal opportunity across the board. This is known. Making education accessible and effective is one of the most important goals of a nation. This secures the growth and progress of people as a culture, community, nation, and yet our systems are inadequate, not to just the young who can’t get into preschool, or don’t have a healthy high school environment, but also for the adults who can’t afford to continue their education and get better jobs, people who want to provide better opportunities for their children need the resources to be successful.

We need new development and funding in education. We need to care about education enough to bring our systems up to date. We need culturally current curriculum. We need high schools to function more like colleges. We need elementary schools to be interactive, vibrant, inclusive, integrated. We need less students per teacher. We need to increase affordable programs that cultivate culture and influence.

Education is an enjoyable, priceless resource, giving a voice, an opinion, the chance to think critically, engage in innovation and interactive learning during elementary schooling years is the opportunity of a lifetime. Conducting education in alternative methods, other than traditional classroom lectures provides broader learning space for upcoming generations.

It’s way past time to change the rules. We can’t be held back by the immensity of the problem. Problems are never as big as they seem. It is easy to restructure classroom learning, add worldview learning styles and topics, invest into educational technology, anthropology lessons and trips, restructuring priorities and approach with reconstructed curriculum. Celebrate diversity, teach politics and finance in elementary. Provide shorter lessons, more breaks, creative schedules, and a lot more hobby and interest building classes, added classes for understanding emotions and social skills, added classes focused on communication.

Young developing minds need just as much cultivation as in higher education. We must prioritize education if we want to grow healthier as a nation.  Our government needs to strive for cutting edge education. Invest the money, create the jobs, build the buildings, care enough to pass new legislation, to write more letters of request, cast more vision, make it a big public issue because it is one!

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