Gun Violence

Collaborative efforts surrounding gun control are mandatory in the consideration of rights to bear arms. We must try and do something about the desperate need to protect the public from public shootings.  To cling to laws that only protect private life and not public life, and after so many public casualties is highly controversial. We don’t want to be counterproductive to a community strong nation by being bias.

Finding a middle ground to relate to one another while understanding each other’s reasoning will help bring tensions down and allow a more substantial conversation. We can adhere to the Second Amendment, and also create laws that help prevent weapons of war getting into reckless hands by implementing strategies that help educate and prevent violence. There are regulations that can help public accountability.

Continuing to educate and build healthy environments where genuine gun control concerns don’t go unacted upon. No more are actual guns to blame for mass shootings than is Hollywood per say, or gaming, or TV or the internet, but guns are something tangible that inflict death when used,  because of this, the stakes are higher, as they should be. We lower the virtue in “our rights to bear arms.” if we show no agreement for legislation, regulation, and accountability to the public.

It is natural and progressive for social eras to reevaluate social boundaries. What is mandatory to survive, and what is hindering our social customs change during conflict, demanding growth and rewriting the rules. We are searching as a nation for ways to come together and stabilize what defines American values on gun control and implement solutions to prevent mass shootings and unwarranted deaths.

Increasing education and lessening the amount of killing for entertainment across mass media platforms, I imagine it would help.  Standing up for our rights is the same as finding harmony with our social customs. We are American and believe in independence, but to what end, to what end does capitalism run amuck, to what end were all the buffalo slain, to what end all the native nations robbed, to what end do we believe we need to hang on to our guns so tight.  Identifying with the right to bear arms is a common denominator. There can also be a common denominator in gun laws. Laws can be unjust, people unjust, but what works better than now?

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