My Other Half

He swept me away, held me in his arms, and we were us instead of me or him. He is a mighty river, drenching me with life. We shared one breath. We choose each other. Anything he wants, it is his because he is always serving me, always first to check on my needs, always protecting me. He waits on me hand and foot. I am at his disposal. What can I say, what can I bring, what can I sing, how can I show him my happiness, show him that he, and what we have together- is always enough.

Years pass, with every look we know more, more seamless. What was it back then, when we looked without knowing, when we were unready, and love was unexpected. You saw me. I was standing there, starring at you.. What do we see now. We see more, we look harder, every particle under the microscope. You see more of me than me, and I more of you. We are available, washing over the other all the time, poured out like a consumed drink. Working together always in the journey, the irrefutable commitment to show each other love.

He’s the most generous soul, graceful and giving, unapologetic, resourceful, wise and with insight, practices love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, self control. He’s consistent, faithful. He delights in goodness, and is long suffering. He chooses his identity, his cause, deliberately and daily. It is conscious on his face, under those heavy, winter brows, black as shadow, shapely domes over mischievous gazes, as on the prowl for a situation to disrupt, for someone to tease. His forever and equally pronounced algae-hazel iriss gleam with questions, humor, and wit under black lashes constantly opening and closing like a grand curtain. He’s a showboat.

He has a youthful grasp on fear, and all the denial of etiquette. How could he not be adored. To know him, is to love him. He helps me make lists, walks me through my own reasoning, deciphers my moods before I do, and then compliments them with conversation, with emotions, even while still true to himself, He is with me always. I absorb him and believe him over myself. I trust him. He has given that to me. He takes me to heart, always giving, like the river.

Moments are always new lenses though they flow by fast, not too fast though for choice, not too fast for the river to carve a path in land. We are all a river of monetary choices, poured out in all of it’s sacrifices- choosing love. This is what really matters, bringing love to one another. I experience the perfect man. I celebrate him. I rejoice over him. I rejoice over others that love him, over others that love each other, couples that fight to protect their love, fight to learn more, and change into the people that the other deserves. Everyone deserves to be loved, and it is us that choose to love.

6 thoughts on “My Other Half

  1. I can appreciate a person speaking with passion about their relationship. I find this refreshing. More of this is needed as it feels lost. I love a love story. Kate, do you feel as though sometimes words are not enough and then you dig deeper to find the right words to express? It’s a never ending chase for words to express your love. There are no words in this world that captures the essence of Love.

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    1. Hi, thank you for appreciating this- I love the old Songs of Solomon and of course, Keats, and all the love stories and poems that do relate the positive process of love. We can be happy and share it. It’s nice to celebrate love.
      I really enjoy your perspective and writing, it too is very refreshing and inspiring. Sorry it took me a while to comment… I’m slowly getting in the habit of online communication:)


  2. Like Mahogany, I find this post really refreshing. So many women bloggers have endured so much abuse, I start to wonder where all the decent guys went. I am happy and relieved you found a decent guy and have related such a great story.


    1. Thanks Timothy, all relationships take hard work right, it pays off when any two people are willing to go the distance. Though sometimes, the only option is to walk away, live with a broken heart, make changes, heal, which is all a part of life and very real too! Thank you for taking the time to comment and express your happiness for me- so sweet!


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