Heart Thump

my heart expands, reaching further, as if to chase you
grasping for your tender presence, even though you have not gone from me 
you are resting under me, I listen to the steady thump, beating deep 
I see an ox in yellow light, plow a field. 
You, in all your strength, I shatter, me in mine, you wilt.
we sink into an undying, silent communication 
I rest on you, my own hearth, scorching away every fault 
until I am more myself, until I am something better 
shaped by your forgiveness and admiration 
Tell me, am I not perfect because of you 
Is it not that way, when I look in your eyes
Have you not made me to fall in love again, every day
because you love me, I want for nothing 
If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, 
than you make eveything beautiful
crafting love as peice of art- like magic
acceptance chosen every moment
your heartbeat is still the same, steady, regular, a horse trot 
unlike mine, fluttering, beating irregularly
you are warm as the sun, solar flares and all 
I see a quiet cottage,  and see the forests, the night sky 
I see a poor man, and his happiness raises the dead 
Scarcely can I breath, for wanting to give you anything- 
there is no invisible heart, just a beating one
under my ear, in my soul 

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