Iron Giant

Earth metal back home, as liquid as energy, with personality, with force. Nature, she howls and sits ever still. Deep deep frequencies, ones that we can’t detect, but that move us, somehow each foot in front of the other. Life is a very broad term, how about we sit and feel it, how about we live it. Not like what we see, but inside, like the earth we stand. Iron Giant. What destroys, what creates we do, they do, it does every feeling, every thought. We plant and uproot working the land, the same substance as us, sharing the same life. All the trees talk and play, on top of furnaces and stone spaceships. All we gather, at evenings table, round hearth’s fire its family hour. On earth’s tilt, the big wide world is smaller, and large to the eye. What matters the most to each of us, in deep mountainous oceans- dive. Fly, dreams born in the night, closed in the cup of earth’s hand. Footsteps over canyons, handshakes like sails that cross great divides. Rooted down all our feet, in love and to love, melted and poured out like the layered dirt ground, growing from the bottom up. Back home in sequenced patterns, rhythmic shouts and sweet hums, we can hear in the core, fluid translation- fluid self, still going forward. Iron Giant.

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