The Boat Rolls Back

the boat rolls back
the ores row back
taking one more thing away
each stride in reverse
he pulls

nothing has been said
every breath a forsaken word
a protest to the loud
silent pain
there is no one to hear
he shouts

all he sees is her
she is not there
he cannot touch her
he’ll never hear her
he sits

he slides back to the caves
floating over the beating waves
he lays back and lets go
far gone the beach line
he drifts

the sky is blue
the water is blue
he is alive
the boat rolls back

10 thoughts on “The Boat Rolls Back

  1. Kate, I am touched by your poem. From reading it I picture a journey in letting go of grief, of loss, of pain. After all of that rowing, he changes course,
    “floating over the beating waves
    he lays back and lets go
    far gone the beach line
    he drifts”
    Thank you for visiting my site so that I could connect with your words today.


    1. Hi Ali, Thank you for your comment. Yes, that is exactly the notion of the poem, sometimes the process of grief can’t be mastered with words, but we try. I have been enjoying your blog so very much and am grateful for the connection.

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      1. Kate
        One of the things I love about poetry is it can express a feeling that is challenging to put into words. I felt so much from this poem. Thank you.


    1. Hi Priscilla, Thank you for sharing your insight on the poem. It is greatly appreciated, and I am so glad to hear it was rhythmic to ears other than my own. I hope to post audio readings of my poems soon!


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