Morning Geese

From the old, wood framed window, across from my bed, I saw a flock of white bellied geese fly by in their arrow formation in the sky. It was so early in the morning, the alarm clock still had over an hour’s worth of minutes to tick through, but their demonstrative calls woke me so adequately, I thought I might have missed a very important party.  About hundred feet from the end of the yard, the creek that carries the Salmon run in the winter, plays host to a great many kinds of exciting occurrences.

The hardwood floor is chilly, one leap to the woven rug, then one to the kitchen. I warm my hands over the gas burner and place the teapot. Another round of honking floats over my head. A whistling from the tea kettle. I step over to the french doors, opening one side.  Brisk air, steam from Earl Grey, dew and fog, my heart is awake and beating as do the geese call.  The entire neighborhood, I’m sure is awake, and all the neighboring animals rise from their morning slumber to this stunning sound. I absorb. I listen, hearing their horns like big band in a melancholy rhythm.

All their honking must have been talk over where to land for down they came, stretching out their dark wings, quick halting flaps, graceful wagging descent, webbed feet outstretched, one, two,.. four land on the water pool of the creek. The others land on the lake over the hill. There is a rocky cliff on the border of the creek and the hillside. I could no longer see the geese from my doorway. It went silent then, perhaps they were ready for their nap. I close the door gently, sip, breath, and crawl back under the cozy blankets, but not without replaying their calls in my head, and wondering if I should sneak over to join them.

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