The Sea (Part 1)

A great bathtub of a vessel pushes us onward.

Maybe lost, neither here or there, but here we are.

On top of a sky as deep as mountains and where dark and light contrast themselves more clearly.

The wood and the wave bend sound, rocking I sway. 

It is a pure form of living, in contrast, a wide open place where there are no walls.

We see ourselves better too, we see across the large expanse.

Expanse has more definition than space, wider the lines more the thought.

Face in the wind, the air as it should be mimicking the untouched tide of water and life.

Morning kiss rides on it’s back, and later a force that bares one with the bones.

Light as feathers, light as wind, daring to go fearless flight, fly white sails, great wings.

Nothing unlocks a heart more, the call to more than ourselves, we are nature too. 

The sea is a womb like a place of drifting between the first biological prisms and floating on top of the uncharted map. 

Death is all around and truly nothing under my feet to stop me from sinking. 

This little sailboat, and I am the size of a particle.

I sink into that simplexity of being alive when death is everywhere, one that doesn’t feel so present on those far away city streets, but it is just as the sea.

I laugh and smile and want to cry, and this is a language closer to who we really are. 

An empty horizon, dark night the starlight is more than a comfort, blanket that it is, can’t help but sink into that too. 

I don’t want more, there is no more, we have now- everywhere is the sea.





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