In Love Fighting

Fever raging strikes inside bursting out through our eyes

He ignores- we’re enemies on a bloodied grass ground 

looking down but not seeing, shield and sword and tongue and fist

Un-wielding, dark vicious bites and growls alike 

He blames me, me me, and me

He broke the kitchen chair. I charge him like a she lion.

He will pay for this, and feel the hurt he’s coffined down

I yell, “You forsake me. You don’t care. You only care about yourself. Your number one.” 

Poison gripping my throat. I spew out more death, like a great ruthless tyrant 

Over and over the betrayal, the lies and their torment break me- I am lost

He will see, but He does not see, I do not see. He is gone. I am gone. 

Day by day the battle subsides, under efforts to lay ourselves down

Growth becomes new displays of choice deliberate, and unconscious

Duality existing in what was, is, and will be- I know you there, and what we are

A canvas painting bare and open and risky, I am vulnerable. I am trusting.

He remains. He stretches out and catches me, giving more- every moment new

No valley deep or lies discovered, defensive tactics crumble, he and I  

His chest, all becomes quiet under the covers. His arms wrap around a heart fallen. 

Tender care, earth supported lifted near, and my golden lock in your gremlin stare.

Night and day together in the fold of labor daily equality two people being one

Blanketed, cloaked giving ourselves one hundred times over- to be born of love

Love always asks for more because it is more, we are more together. 

Again, we will fight. We will also love. 






One thought on “In Love Fighting

  1. Priceless post…

    In essence this masterpiecedistilled to its essence=Love!

    To Love *&* understand Love,
    Love must be uppermost on your Mind,
    innermost in your Heart, *&* deepmost in your Soul.”_-Van Prince


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