The Green Meadow

There, a green meadow, just beyond the wooded shade

open grass, long blades, belly barren from winter

one slow pausing step, watching, listening

careful not to trust clear day too much

sunlight over my nose moist, lifting eyes of beaded brown

stare upon spring patches, watering mouth, luring, stepping, step

bowing my head, I eat 

Crackling coos, scuffles scampers my ears pull back, my legs are ready

listening I wait, eyeing the wooded fortress, I could dash

moments pass, instinct bids me calm, I walk on.

to a stream cool refreshing flat stones a bridge to cross

hooves a tap tap tap lapping again from the ripple

the jumping nothings that buzz and bite, flowering bush and vine, I see



Tucking my nose in petalled pillows

bird, raccoon, squirrel, rabbit parading in smells and play

a sudden startling break of twigs, I am standing

staring, listening, ears pull back, legs ready

heart beating and beating so hard- braving the long watch

winds quiet, safety whispers, curling down on ground’s warm sturdy mass

seedlings sprouting from frozen dirt, my eyes shut and reopen

tall grass blades sweep across my fur, back and forth, lulling caresses

limbs go limp on meadows lap, I sleep



Days on days of leaping, bathing sun, loitering over clouds shadow

over the fallen barks of moss, I do not stop and stare or tilt my ears back

my legs are not ready, I do not dwell any longer in the forest

new shoots, spring patches, long blades bush, stream and flower

how I am staying in the meadow

Until now, I had not known, not learned of the meadow

I had not lived inside man, now I know, now I’ve learned

And I am in love, with my Green Meadow.



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