Gun Violence

Collaborative efforts surrounding gun control are mandatory in the consideration of  rights to bare arms, and the aggressive need to protect the public from public shootings.  To say, lets get rid of guns does as much good as prohibition steered American culture in the way it predicted. To cling to laws that only protect private life and not public life, and after so many public casualties, and the great loss of young life, is highly controversial. We don’t want to be counter productive to a community strong nation.

Finding some middle ground to relate to one another, to find understanding to each other’s reasoning will help bring tensions down and allow for more substantial conversation; such as, how can we adhere to the Second Amendment, as well as, work together as a community to create laws that help prevent weapons of war from getting in the hands of teenagers. Implementing strategies that help educate and prevent violence are tools that can help public accountability concerning gun control.

Continuing to educate and build healthy environments and concerns around guns is not underestimated. No more are guns to blame for mass shootings, as is the media industry in it’s everyday gun use on TV or online, or gaming, and the list could continue. If we want guns to be legal, but show no restraint or accountability to their social and public presence, despite the financial loss to the industry, we sadly lower the virtue to our rights to bare arms.

It is natural and progressive for social eras to reevaluate the rules that hold social boundaries together.  In our day in age, what is mandatory to survive and what is hindering our social customs change with the times, demanding growth and rewriting the vision. Today, we are searching as a nation for ways to come together and stabilize our values and what defines us as American, and also how to protect our rights while finding harmony with our social customs. Identifying with the rights to bare arms is a common denominator, let’s find a common denominator around gun laws.

Laws can be unjust. People and life unjust, but what works best for both worlds? At least, what works better than now.

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