Pressures presently pressing on mind maximized with empty shell like ruins. I don’t like this, so sue me, and you just might. If I go digging, my hair is orange, my lips are red, my body size twelve with no care. Isn’t a size six today a twelve in the seventies, and I’m glad of it, so sue me, and you just might.

If I was beheaded before an exuberant audience who were all fascinated with death only cringing later, it is as I minimize the screen. Don’t be troubled, be troubled I tell myself. Rapid ads in my face advancing atrocities, sex sells sex sells why, seriously, why. Sue them, and we just might.

What of beauty, country girl, urban girl, elegant woman- speak aristocrat, speak peasant. Getting these hands the color of dirt with the best of gardens in our backyards, untamed and ready for something new. Unmanaged by etiquette, without the loss of homebound joys and sweet feminine touches. Undefined by zippers, hems, folds, and of course- powder.

Nothing tucked away or hidden. Who cares about the elastic body shapers, can we give it a break. Not afraid to make noise, have demands- the uncommon woman, now common. Standing on the world laughing and laughing and liberated, until the call- hooves on concrete in groups of rolling, spinning teacups for the very least- equal pay, so sue us, and you just might.

Bossy, brave, kind, benevolent- growing tall and taller, colorless, genderless, godless, houseless trading equality for identity, oh wait- it’s the other way around, until we fit like a glove? Information overload, never properly processed, never before another day is new. What gripping reverence for humanity, only sheered away like rich landscaping- where is the soul? Down to the ground, the shovel plunges and up we uproot.

Social classes, really. Really, are we still dealing with this, the exploration of the worker, I don’t get it. Environmental sky, animal creatures forsaken, and why sacrifice the premiums to have so little. Slaves, enslaving- is this the thorn in our sides. Racial wars today. Where have all the hearts gone.

By the way, thank you Obama, I can pay as I earn. On occasion, take advantage of tax breaks, bail outs, or benefit programs. Change again so swiftly crosses the nation. Fear, shame, loss, hopelessness wanting to embrace the immigrant, tell them I’m sorry that a large portion of America is without kindness, generosity, protection, opportunity. The patriot heart a fading flag. NO. No, just a different flag, one that people can still create voice after voice after voice to build something new.

It is all just the same. There are no powerless. Blog, website, media platforms, anyone is a superstar, a hundred listeners all talking. Millions of people clicking, agreeing, sharing though many a sideshow tangents deepen need- delicate person, your stance is so oxen. Please please please, sue our ourselves, drain our purses, look, see in the mirror- you, me.

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