Standing Rock

Standing Rock is yet another example of the unjust white American, privileged corporations making their disregard for others so very evident. After all these years of American culture stealing, invading, hurting Native American people, still today it is okay. Why? Why were other plans not implemented for the pipeline, no matter the cost. For generations, corporations that have money can get away with anything, and it is a fault in our nation’s integrity.

American culture has never emphasized the connection and lifestyle with nature like Native Americans. Nature is not integrated into the daily lifestyle of the average American. This is a disconnect indeed. Are we not to listen to Tribe laws and consider their traditions equal and even above our own. Out of respect for humanity, all nations need healthy boundaries. America, often proclaiming high moral standards, but defaulting to prejudices, oppression, suppression, and forceful encroachment for mere profit. To take advantage of others by putting in a pipeline, a huge wall, or by taking land or resources away from another is exploitation is not capitalism anymore, it is not humane. We cannot walk over whoever we want. The United States needs to rely, and support our Native Nations, indigenous people just has we must support the diversity and acceptance of others in all ways.

I thought that we would have more shame, more reverence towards our history, and respect towards Native America people. Our culture has wronged them, always have, and just in the last few years, to be so unapologetic about Standing Rock, to start threating the Tohono O’odham Nation with a great wall through their lands is grossly sad and embarrassing. Surly, the people of America have a choice to place value on Native Nations all around our country instead of bullying and pushing out the people who belong here the most.

Thank you to everyone that stood with Standing Rock and still do, and with all the Native Nations of America. Please, we are sorry this is happening. Yours was the foundation we built on. I hope that with your great efforts, and the publics in protest, and those efforts of lawmakers, and peoples in positions of influence, can re-write the script that continues to belittle who we are as a nation. Native Nations are a deep and powerful heartbeat in our culture, and deserve to have their boundaries as a nation respected.

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